Learning resources

Save the sea

There’s plastic islands in our oceans! Let’s do our bit save the sea and reduce our plastic use. Sadly, all animals can be harmed by… Read More »Save the sea

Hidden water

Everything you own and touch has a hidden water footprint. Nope, we’re not on about water hiding from you but rather your indirect water footprint!… Read More »Hidden water

Time travel

Behold and welcome to our water time travel! Our 1845 founders greet you warmly. This section lightly maps onto KS2. It gives time travels through… Read More »Time travel

La la lakeside

Oh I do like to be beside the…. La La Lakeside! Learn about wildlife and staying safe at the lakes. La La Lakeside looks at… Read More »La la lakeside

Growing Water Expanding Experiment

Wacky weathering

Planet earth is fully of wacky weathering. But it also plays an important part in shaping the world as we know it. Cool. The weathering… Read More »Wacky weathering